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The 9/26/16  issue of National Review was fabulous. It seemed to have a
theme running through it, what it means to be human.

It included a review of Professor Carlos Eire's new gigantic tome, The
Reformations, a study of the many ways religion changed over the course of
two hundred years.
There was a tribute to Gene Wilder and in particular Blazing Saddles, which
reminded me of when we saw that movie  as part of a Mel Brooks tribute,
where Mel Brooks asked us, "Could this movie be made today?" We all knew,
no, it could not. In other words we are not allowed to say forbidden things
these days. When speech is interfered with, so is freedom.

There was also a review of the new Tom Wolfe book about Darwinism.

I wrote a letter to Jack Fowler, the publisher of NR, to thank him, which
included this:

"I also love Tom Wolfe and enjoyed that review of his new book. It is
speech that separates humans from the rest of G-d's creations. Those who
love Darwin overlook the miracles of what makes us human - love and the
ability to worship a higher being. So many... prefer to worship in their
politics and brag that ethics are enough, that they no longer believe.
And I adored that the article had good mentions and analyses of Walker
Percy. I will keep this review and share it with the Percy List."

Here is the link to the review:

Tom Wolfe's "The Kingdom of Speech" - National Review
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