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*One paragraph of this article is particularly worth reading now:*

*The Second Coming* was a sure-enough love story—a genre I would ordinarily
steer clear of. What made it possible was the, to me, appealing notion of
the encounter of Allie and Will, like the crossing of two lines on a graph,
one going up, and other down: the man who has “succeeded” in life, made it,
has the best of worlds, and yet falls down in sand traps on the golf
course, gazes at clouds and is haunted by memory, is in fact in despair;
the girl, a total “failure,” a schizophrenic who has flunked life, as she
puts it, yet who despite all sees the world afresh and full of hope. It was
the paradox of it that interested me. What happens when he meets her? What
is the effect on his ghostlike consciousness of her strange, yet prescient,
schizophrenic speech?

Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 97, Walker Percy

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