[percy-l] PRESS RELEASE: The Walker Percy Project Celebrates the Percy Centennial (1916–2016) on May 28 with a new Website

Patrick Lynch padraig at well.com
Sat May 28 11:11:59 EDT 2016

This is amazing and so alive. Thanks for this stalwart work. Your 
dedication to this cause has been exemplary. We have all benefited in 
diverse ways. I look forward to visiting the Circle in the future and 
the website regularly.

Great news that we may be doing another summer reading as well.
Thank you,

> Henry P. Mills <mailto:wppdirector at gmail.com>
> May 28, 2016 at 4:49 AM
> Dear Percy-L:
> I am pleased to share with you the below Press Release and the 
> attached PDF flyer about the new launch of The Walker Percy Project 
> website for the Percy Centennial.  Please do forward both items to 
> others, and visit the redesigned website. After 20 years, the website 
> has come a long way!
> The board and I appreciate greatly your participation in the Percy-L 
> community, and look forward to many more interesting group 
> conversations in the future - - if not another Slow Reading Group 
> discussion of a Percy novel this summer in celebration of the Centennial.
> With thanksgiving to the wonderful legacy he has left to us all, happy 
> 100th birthday to Walker Percy, today, May 28, 2016.
> Best Percy regards,
> Henry Mills, Director & Editor
> The Walker Percy Project
> www.ibiblio.org/wpercy
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> May 28, 2016
> *Literary Website Celebrates Walker Percy Centennial (1916**–**2016) 
> on May 28
> */The Walker Percy Project launches mission to provide access to the 
> author//'s work for all audiences./
> Asheville, N.C., May 28 -- *Walker Percy (1916**–1990)*, the acclaimed 
> late-20th century novelist and philosopher, published six novels and 
> three nonfiction books, as well as many social commentaries. His first 
> novel, /The Moviegoer/, *won the National Book Award in 1962*. The 
> 100th anniversary of his birth arrives Saturday, May 28, 2016, and 
> numerous regional events are being held in honor of the Percy 
> Centennial, notably:
> ·Dedication of the "Walker Percy Serenity Circle" -- featuring a 
> life-sized sculpture of Percy -- and Reading Room at the St. Tammany 
> Parish Library in Madisonville, La.
> ·Publication of the new essay collection, /Walker Percy//'s The 
> Moviegoer at Fifty/, by LSU Press
> ·A special 3-day "Walker Percy Weekend" festival in St. Francisville, 
> La. (June 3-5)
> ·Publication of a book of previously unreleased photographs: /Walker 
> Percy: Daylight and Dark/
> ·The Conference on Christianity & Literature, Southeast Region, on the 
> Walker Percy Centennial
> ·Ongoing programs at the Walker Percy Center for Writing + Publishing, 
> Loyola University, New Orleans
> ·The launch of The Walker Percy Project website and its expanded 
> educational resources and services
> Details about these Centennial events -- and much more -- *are 
> accessible on* *The Walker Percy Project interactive website at 
> <www.ibiblio.org/wpercy>.* The Ibiblio Network of The University of 
> North Carolina at Chapel Hill (whose libraries house the "Walker Percy 
> Papers") hosts the online resource, although the website is not 
> formally affiliated with the university.
> The Project is officially launching its website, *a non-profit 
> educational resource*, in time to coincide with the Centennial. The 
> Project's volunteer director Henry P. Mills says,
> "/The exciting aspect of the website is that it combines *the best 
> features of an encyclopedia with the ongoing activities of a 
> conference*. Visitors -- from curious readers to serious scholars -- 
> can actively engage in ideas and discussions related to Walker Percy./"//
> As *a free clearinghouse of centralized resources on the author**'s 
> work and life, *the website provides visitors with opportunities**for 
> personal sharing and collaboration through discussion forums, as well 
> as access to wide-ranging materials, including:
> ·Current news on public and scholarly activities and publications 
> related to Walker Percy
> ·Remembrances and Memorials from Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote, and 
> Robert Coles, M.D.
> ·Critical essays for novice and advanced readers from Percy 
> biographers and literary scholars
> ·Multimedia, including video and photograph galleries
> ·Book descriptions for books on and by Walker Percy
> ·Interactive features, such as Exhibits, Quizzes, and Curated web links
> ·Bibliographies and archive collections
> ·Educational resources and student projects
> With the tagline "/Access, Community, Discovery/," *The Walker Percy 
> Project encourages active exploration into Percy’s writings, life, and 
> thought*. Through its integration with an email-based interest group 
> (the Percy-L listserv), the website lets readers and students 
> participate in discussions and research. Mark Bloom, president of The 
> Walker Percy Project, offers,
> //"/The in-depth resources I discovered on the website greatly 
> expanded my appreciation for Percy as a writer, so much so I felt 
> compelled to get involved to learn more about him and help the Project 
> grow./"//
> *The Walker Percy Project website has received recognition* *from 
> influential publications* such as: /New Orleans Magazine, 
> Times-Picayune,/ /Austin American-Statesman/, /Texas Monthly/, /The 
> Southern Quarterly/, /Modern Language Association/, and /The Southern 
> Register/. The Project is dedicated to the memory of Dewey Winburne 
> <http://ibiblio.org/wpercy/about-project/winburne.html> and John R. 
> May 
> <http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/percy-l/2014-January/001855.html> for 
> their early support and enduring displays of community leadership, 
> humility, and compassion toward others as educators. In turn, the 
> Project continues its mission to keep Walker Percy's work and critical 
> thought on the "human predicament" and his concern with our 
> "displacement in the modern world" in the mainstream.
> For more information on this story, please contact Henry P. Mills, the 
> volunteer director and editor of The Walker Percy Project, at 
> <wppdirector at gmail.com>. Please refer to the Project’s website at 
> <www.ibiblio.org/wpercy>.
> CONTACT: Henry P. Mills, Director
> The Walker Percy Project
> wppdirector at gmail.com (email)
> www.ibiblio.org/wpercy (web)
> /– END –/
> //
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