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Dear Percy-L:

As we move closer to the centennial of Percy's birth on May 28, here is 
a fun quiz on /The Moviegoer /for community enjoyment and celebration.

Each member who wishes is welcome to pick a question (one to start), 
answer it through the listserv, and share comments if they wish. A few 
questions might be tricky!

Through an open "round robin" process, with good fortune the questions 
and answers together will spark a bit of group discussion leading to new 
insights or perspectives on /The Moviegoer/, if not also, into some of 
its lesser known underlying themes for all of us to benefit from.

Have fun!

Henry Mills


Percy-L Administrator

PS-Thanks to Dr. Farrell O'Gorman of Belmont Abbey College and Dr. Doug 
Mitchell of the University of Mobile for their time in preparing the quiz.


Multiple Choice Quiz for /The Moviegoer/

1.Which European philosopher is cited in the novel?

a) Sartre

b) Aquinas

c) Kierkegaard

d) Heidegger

2.Which book does Binx not mention reading?

a) the /Bible/

b) /The Chemistry of Life/

c) /A Study of History/

d) /The Universe as I See It/

3.The final chapter of the novel is set on _____.

a) Easter

b) Thanksgiving

c) Pentecost

d) Ash Wednesday

4.Which of the following terms least accurately describes The Moviegoer 
as a novel?

a) Southern

b) autobiographical

c) philosophical

d) existentialist

5.Aunt Emily says the only good things the South ever had were _____.

a) a sense of duty

b) faith in Christ

c) a gentleness with women

d) a and c only

e) a and b only

6.Binx's dialogue with his siblings in the epilogue reflects the end of 

a) /The Sound and the Fury/

b) /The Glass Menagerie/

c) /Nausea/

d) /The Brothers Karamazov/

7.Kate tells Binx he is --_____.

a) her true love

b) the most self-centered person alive

c) a budding priest

d) a frustrated lawyer

8.Early in the novel Binx says his one discernible talent is _____.

a) acting

b) a flair for research

c) composing love poetry

d) the trick of making money

9.Which of the following makes Kate cheerful?

a) the thought of marrying Binx

b) the possibility of committing suicide

c) Tulane football victories

d) weekly Great Books discussions with Aunt Emily

10.Binx is a veteran of which conflict?

a) the Korean War

b) World War II

c) the Vietnam War

d) World War I

11.Which of the following is not a book written by Bolling family friend 
Tom Yerger.

a) /The Honored and the Dishonored/, a book about the problem of evil 
and the essential loneliness of man.

b) /The Gramercy Winner/, about an alienated young New Yorker in a TB 

c) /Curse Upon the Land/, an impassioned plea for tolerance and 
understanding in the South

d) /Happy Land/, a nice blend of moderate attitude toward the race 
question and a conservative affection for the agrarian South.

12.Binx listens regularly to which radio program?

a) Bishop Fulton Sheen's "Sunday Homily"

b) "The Shadow"

c) Edward R. Murrow's "This I Believe"

d) "Amos 'n Andy"

13. Aunt Emily sends Binx a memo with a quote from _____.

a) St. Augustine

b) Abe Lincoln

c) G. K. Chesterton

d) Marcus Aurelius

14.The new search Binx undertakes in the novel is _____.

a) horizontal

b) vertical

c) a /Wanderjahr/

d) inward

15.Binx's deceased father is best described as _____.

a) a believer in science

b) a romantic

c) a mystery that haunts Binx

d) all of the above

True/ False

1. According to Binx, the polls report that 98% of Americans believe in 
God and the remaining 2% are atheists and agnostics, which leaves zero 
percentage points for seekers.

2. Binx and Sharon are engaged at one point in the novel.

3. /The Moviegoer/ was the first novel Walker Percy wrote.

4. Aunt Emily's butler Mercer is in fact a faithful retainer, a living 
connection with a bygone age.

5.A depressed Kate characterizes Binx as "like me but worse.Much worse."

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