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Dear Percy-L:

To continue our interesting discussion on "Knight of Cups" and Terrence 
Malick, here is another intriguing article shedding light on the movie, 
the director, and connections to Percy.

The short article features transcribed excerpts from a longer audio 
interview with Christian Bale, the lead in "Knight of Cups," that go a 
long way in only a few paragraphs to reveal insights into both the movie 
and Malik's perspective as a visionary filmmaker.

The full 8:00" audio interview with Bale is available on the page as 
well as the stunning visual trailer for the movie (best not subjected to 
a literal reading).  The article also feature a "telling photograph" 
(whether intended or not) at the top of the page of what might be a 
reflection of a modern Binx, which suggests further resonance between 
the film and "The Moviegoer."

I wonder if anyone has located an interview with Malik discussing the 
movie despite his tendency to eschew public appearance, both as an 
individual and artist.

Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator


*Christian Bale hates talking about acting: 'I just want to push a 
pencil through my eyeball'*
by Take Two March 04 2016

While working on "Knight of Cups," Terrence Malik's latest film, 
Christian Bale didn't have much to work with.

"We would get on the set, they're already filming me [and] I don't know 
what we're doing," said Bale. "The only research that Terry really gave 
me other than our conversations — which were extensive — was the book by 
Walker Percy, 'The Moviegoer,' where he's on a search for who knows 
exactly what, but you know you must be on that search.

Bale, who's best known for his roles in the Batman series, "The Fighter" 
and his Oscar-nominated turn in "The Big Short," plays a decidedly 
different character this time: a screenwriter named Rick that has lost 
his way, spiritually and emotionally.

He spoke to Take Two about the film, which is set in Los Angeles, 
touching on the director's unique methods, filming with a confused cast, 
how conversations about acting make him feel and more.

On Terrence Malik's style:

"He talked about how he wants to start to move towards films where 
there's just no script whatsoever. Making a film that is more like, more 
akin to a piece of music or to literature where the audience [have] 
their own feelings about the film rather than being dictated to about 
what they should be feeling... A lot of times he loves the fact that you 
didn't say your lines. It's always just about being absolutely sincere 
and truthful."

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