[percy-l] Slow Reading Discussion: The Second Coming - Schedule and Format (discussion to begin next weekend, July 2-3)

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I love the way Lauren Stacy Berdy's mind works and the way she uses language to say new things or to say old things in new ways.Janet Cantor

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  Dear Percy-L, Dr. Percy wrote somewhere that" our common existence  is validated  when one person learns from another that not only does a particular flower exist and not only does it have a name but it exists for each of them and that state of existence can be jointly affirmed by two human beings through the use of words." we will be calling on each other in the process of  our reading The Second Coming to hear ourselves and how we all use words to say what we mean. We are being given a chance to get outside of ourselves to not mold ourselves using impersonations. The arbitrariness the case for sudden shifts is also important. " a willingness to be shrewdly , imaginatively unconventional. The world is full of the accidental. Like Will falling thru into Ally's home in the book. This abrupt surprise brings these two together. They start to get their eyes noticing one another and their ears hearing one another. All because of the arbitrariness of Wills fall and Ally's cosmic yes. Lets get away from the everydayness of our thoughts. We all have a facilty for hooking up to the currents that are in the air about us. Using our antennae and become intermediaries to one another. 
  " Knowing is not a casual sequence at some point we speak to one another, help one another,know the world and thereby move towards that world" ( you know who) Thank you, Lauren Stacy Berdy
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