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All, Chuck (Lowry) has indicated his interest in joining in. Thank you, 

With his suggestions below, the voting tally so far is MG (3), LG (2), 
SC (3), Lancelot (1), Any (2).   Any others care to express interest and 
vote on a book choice now that a group is forming?

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Good evening, Henry.

I might be inclined to agree with Karl in choosing something other than 
The Moviegoer, not because of The Moviegoer, which will forever be my 
favorite novel, the novel that changed my life: no "Moviegoer fatigue 
syndrome" here.  Rather, I think maybe we should look at some one of the 
others in order to help one another out to see what is to be seen.  The 
Second Coming is a good choice, though I might have suggested The Last 



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