[percy-l] Proposal for a Slow Reading Group discussion of a Percy novel for the summer (8-weeks)

Henry P. Mills wppdirector at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 14:01:46 EDT 2016

Dear Percy-L:

As when we pursued a very fruitful Slow Reading Group discussion of 
"Love in the Ruins," this post is a query to see if any community 
members are interested in choosing another Percy novel for an open 
listserv discussion this summer of the centennial year of Percy's birth.

By my calendar, there is still plenty of time before mid-August arrives 
and a new academic year starts (8 weeks, in fact), so now is a great 
opportunity to become reacquainted with a favorite (or new) Percy novel, 
individually and collectively.

Here is information about the process for our new members and for all to 
reacquaint ourselves to the process, followed by one possible suggestion 
for a novel.

1) Through a group process, members suggest a novel through the listserv 
for all to consider until a consensus is reached.
2) The book is then divided up into reasonable (usually weekly) reading 
3) Members then self-volunteer ahead of time (though some may jump in 
later) as discussion leaders to post questions, comments, or quotes to 
start off discussion about that week's reading.

Once begun, any list member may participate or simply "tune-in" as 
inclined or respond to comments made during the open discussion.  With 
"Love in the Ruins" we certainly had some interesting perspectives 
offered on which we all did not always agree!

I might suggest "The Moviegoer" since that is the novel where Percy 
began for most of us. In addition, The Walker Percy Project now features 
an interactive multiple choice quiz on the novel at:
<http://www.ibiblio.org/wpercy/quizzes/index.html>.  Give it a try, and 
if you can't successfully answer all the questions, maybe that is indeed 
a sign that it is time for a re-reading of MG.  Other quizzes (in PDF 
print form) found on that webpage include ones for "The Last Gentleman" 
and "Lancelot."

All are free to post any ideas they have at this time.  It is not 
necessary for all to read the same edition of the book.

Any takers?

Best wishes,
Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator

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