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As usual, I find Lauren Stacey Berdy's contributions fascinating.I tend to look at the language at first in a surface way and not make my conclusions until I piece it all together. But I love the way each contributor reads in a different way. Percy is fabulous because he speaks to each of us in separate ways. And each way is valid.Yes, we have inner dialogues. I certainly do, as I am evaluating my every thought and choice. And I am hoping that I am making good choices and not simply rationalizing my behavior to suit my self story, but carrying out my life to do good and be good. And to have a good time while I am at it.I like that comment about seeing himself double reflected so instead of seeing himself in reverse, he sees himself real.And there is going to have to be more about Allison as we continue the discussion.Janet Cantor 

I want like to bring the discussion back to our own inner lives

 From the beginning I understand Will's pain talking to pain.

We all inside of us have a constant inner dialogue that guides and 
drives us ( sometimes crazy)

For myself as I read of the "pied weed at the edge of the rough gave off 
a faint acrid smell which rose to his nostrils" He was even then 
beginning to re-own his thoughts........the sweet thoughts that come 
thru before ego plays its role. I know nothing of the game of golf but I 
read once that the best happens when you leave thinking alone.

All of this is to say that Will is beginning to sense that his thoughts 
have separated him from his essential nature.

(" rather than a self sucking everything into itself")

He is still telling himself stories of Ethel Rosenbaum and broken subway 
tiles and the missing Jews............but that's the pain mind talking.

but he has splendid moments when the shadows clear .........as we all 


Thank you

Lauren Stacy Berdy
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