[percy-l] Slow Reading Discussion: The Second Coming - Schedule and Format (discussion to begin next weekend, July 2-3)

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Is there no leader for the discussion? When does it begin on the list?Janet Cantor

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Dear Percy-L:
It looks like the votes have it for The Second Coming.  Seems like a fine choice for the centenary year of Percy's birth, given the book's sense of evolving hope and Percy's very playful approach to language throughout it.  Please as a group familiarize yourselves with the following schedule, discussion format, and topic guidelines to aid us in beginning the read. Any comments or suggestions in response to this post can be sent to the entire community for consideration:

I have made an outline of a reading schedule that the group can use as found at the bottom of this email. I recommend that discussion begin next weekend, July 2-3, to finish by August 27. This will give folks a chance to get the book and read the first two  (2) chapters, or 40 pages total before next weekend.  The breakdown is based on the Picador version, which I believe is the most recent trade copy available. This breakdown almost directly follows Percy's chapters, with the exception of chapters 5-6.  The flow of the book might encourage a faster pace in places, so the group, I think, can adjust forward as we feel comfortable.  The Picador version of the book can be purchased through the following link or likely at your favorite bookstore: https://www.amazon.com/Second-Coming-Novel-Walker-Percy/dp/0312243243/thewalkerpercyprA/

In the spirit of the election year (one further word about that below), I would like to suggest that, rather than attempting to divide up sections between individuals who introduce each with questions/comments/observations, we as a group democratically move forward in an open manner through the book with the below schedule in mind as a frame. 


I suggest that a reader response approach to the book (its themes, characters, language, etc.) is suitable for discussion, as well as any biographical or historical commentary and the like.  However, it exactly being an election year, I would strongly suggest that we leave presidential politics aside.  We are here to enjoy Percy, not discuss current politics.  True, there was a bit of room for politics in Love in the Ruins. The Second Coming is such a delightful book that I think there is much to be enjoyed solely within itself. 

   - Slow reading discussion to begin next weekend, July 2-3.
   - The reading schedule is roughly 40 pages per week, following Percy's chapter breakdown with flexibility built in as determined by the group.
   - Discussion to complete by August 26 (8 weeks total at the most) following the weekly schedule below.
   - The format of the discussion will be open in terms of how each section is begun (i.e., no assigned discussion leaders).
   - All discussion topics -- as will lead us to enjoy the book in its wonderful charm, art, and spirit -- are welcome, with a special caveat restricting the introduction of presidential politics.  Sorry, folks, that's another listserv!
   - Any responses to this email are welcome at this time by sending them to the Percy-L community as a whole.

The Second Coming is a fine book and, personally, I believe, should give us all quite an enjoyable read, discussion, and ultimately renewed appreciation for Percy and his wonderful art and sense of humor as an uplifting experience this summer.  I look forward to the start of discussion next weekend, and invite all to join in.
Best wishes,

Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator


For July 2 / Chapter 1-2 (pages 3-43)

For July 9 / Chapter 3 (pages 44-79)

For July 16 / Chapter 4 (pages 80-121)

For July 23 /  Chapter 5 to 5.7  (pages 122-171)

For July 30 / Chapter 5.8 to 6 (pages 171-229)

For August 6 / Chapter I (pages 233-266)

For August 13 / Chapter 2-3 (pages 267-305)

For August 20 / Chapter 4-5 (pages 306-360)

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