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Dear Percy-L:

As another 2016 Percy centennial celebration opportunity, located below are PDF download links of several journal articles on Percy published in the December issue of Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science.  Percy-L community member Leslie Marsh served as editor of this collection of five essays, contributing one himself, in a section of the issue entitled, "Walker Percy: Pathologist, Philosopher, and Novelist."

The article links are found below. Leslie has asked me to express that it is important that anyone who downloads an article should use it strictly for personal use, and not post it elsewhere or circulate it.  The articles are located on Leslie's personal website "Man Without Qualities," where he also features regular commentary on Percyeana at <https://manwithoutqualities.com/tag/walker-percy/>.

Leslie, we thank you for making these valuable resources freely available to us all.  Anyone who has comments about any of the articles is, of course, welcome to share them with the Percy-L community.

Best Percy wishes,

Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator

Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
December 2016 (Volume 51, Issue 4)
(Download articles below.)


"Philosopher of Precision and Soul: Introducing Walker Percy" 
Leslie Marsh (pages 983–998)

"Life on the Island" 
Elizabeth Corey (pages 999–1010)

"Scientists in the Cosmos: An Existential Approach to the Debate Between Science and Religion" 
Stacey E. Ake (pages 1011–1022)

"Walker Percy, Language, and Homo Singularis"
John D. Sykes Jr. (pages 1023–1042)

"Confessions of a Late-blooming, 'Miseducated' Philosopher of Science"
Benjamin B. Alexander (pages 1043–1061)

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