[percy-l] Garic "Nikki" Barranger (1934-2015): Friend of the Percys, Author, and WPP Board Member

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I recall Mr. Barranger's response, among lofty others, to the question of why we are attracted to the words and ideas of WP.  "It was the charm of the man," he said.  No further elaboration.  The simplicity of his comment, given his knowledge of the man, struck me as sound and true.  R.I.P.

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Garic "Nikki" Barranger (1934-2015): Friend of the Percys, Author, and WPP Board Member

At this time the Walker Percy Project would like to recognize and remember with gratitude Garic "Nikki" Barranger, who died on April 15, 2015, in Covington, La.  Nikki was a close friend and neighbor of Walker and Bunt and had a longtime law practice in Covington. An active supporter of the arts, he played an instrumental role in helping the Percy Project both as an initial board member and by assisting in its incorporation as a non-profit.

An author, Nikki's book, Southern Karma, features writings on his friendship with Walker and Bunt as well as his and Percy's involvement, in his words, of the "stormy kerfuffles" involved in their relationships with Thelma Toole over the publication of A Confederacy of Dunces.  Those interested in information about/or purchasing Southern Karma (Red Bluff Press, 2012) should contact Judy Waiz at <judywalz at yahoo.com><mailto:judywalz at yahoo.com>, who we also thank for assisting the Percy Project.

Speaking for all longtime members of Percy-L - - we express appreciation for his many insightful, and often wry, humorous comments offered during our community discussions.

To wit, members will enjoy Nikki's posthumous interview with "the late Doctor Percy through a spirit guide" about Percy's thoughts on the 1993 publication of More Conversations with Walker Percy, which he contributed to the online stores of the Percy Project.  Nikki characterizes the piece as an "interview to end all Percy interviews." Enjoy Nikki's interview-review at: <http://ibiblio.org/wpercy/interviews/barranger.html><http://ibiblio.org/wpercy/interviews/barranger.html>.

A New Orleans Times-Picayune article following Nikki's death that details his many cultural involvements in the surrounding New Orleans area is viewable at: <http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2015/04/covington_lawyer_jazz_fest.html><http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2015/04/covington_lawyer_jazz_fest.html>.

An extended interview with Nikki of his remembrances of Percy is printed in the collection, Walker Percy remembered: A Portrait in the Words of Those Who Knew Him, as compiled by David Horace Harwell (UNC Press, 2006).

We thank you, Nikki, and trust you are back to having many fine, and more than spirited discussions with your old neighbors and friends Walker and Bunt somewhere beyond our present world.

Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator
Director, The Walker Percy Project

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