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I believe that Dr. Percy had what Marcel called
" the gift of presence"
he looked at us with unblinking eyes.
He knew that we humans, including himself, were all unique messy specimens.
He sucked crayfish with Klansman ( citizen council ) and he spoke up for 
we were all equally  in his sights.

Liberalism  and conservatism are just rotations...yes? ( better than 

Take gd care,
Lauren Stacy Berdy

On 10/8/2015 7:55 PM, Michael Larson wrote:
> Janet,
> I think it depends on how one defines the terms, "liberal" and 
> "conservative." Modern Americans tend to define that continuum based 
> on positions taken with regard to certain divisive moral issues--like 
> abortion and gay rights, at present (though the issues have been 
> different at different times)--and leave it at that. The root of 
> conservatism, however, lies in the belief that there is an objective 
> moral order and that society is best when it conserves whatever has 
> been learned (or revealed) about that order and tries to live in 
> harmony with it. The root of liberalism lies in the belief that there 
> is no objective moral order and that therefore the will of the 
> individual or, when there is conflict between individuals, the will of 
> the greatest number of individuals, is best for society.
> By these definitions, at least, Percy was a conservative.
> Best wishes,
> Mike Larson
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