[percy-l] Percy, liberal or conservative

Michael Larson larsonovic at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 19:55:40 EDT 2015


I think it depends on how one defines the terms, "liberal" and
"conservative." Modern Americans tend to define that continuum based on
positions taken with regard to certain divisive moral issues--like abortion
and gay rights, at present (though the issues have been different at
different times)--and leave it at that. The root of conservatism, however,
lies in the belief that there is an objective moral order and that society
is best when it conserves whatever has been learned (or revealed) about
that order and tries to live in harmony with it. The root of liberalism
lies in the belief that there is no objective moral order and that
therefore the will of the individual or, when there is conflict between
individuals, the will of the greatest number of individuals, is best for

By these definitions, at least, Percy was a conservative.

Best wishes,
Mike Larson
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