[percy-l] 2015 Walker Percy Weekend recap

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Sat Jun 27 09:10:02 EDT 2015

Dear Percy-L:

For those interested in a recap of the recent Walker Percy Weekend, June 
5-7, in St. Francisville, LA – where over 350 people joined together in 
community to celebrate Percy's legacy – you may enjoy the below 
readings.  Mary Pratt Percy Lobdell, Walker's and Bundt's daughter, 
attended and shared anecdotes of her life with her father and mother as 
one unique component of the weekend, among many other Percyesque activities.

I hope the list might enjoy these short pieces, and all members will 
keep the weekend in mind for next year if you are so inclined.

Best wishes,

Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator


*The 2015 Walker Percy Weekend*
By James Fox-Smith, publisher of /Country Roads Magazine/ - June 2015
/Country Roads/ is a cultural reporting publication focusing on the 
communities of the Great River Road region between Natchez, Mississippi, 
and New Orleans, Louisiana. /Country Roads/ is a leading sponsor of the 
Walker Percy Weekend.

*The Remains of the Weekend*
By Rod Dreher, senior editor at /The American Conservative/ - June 8, 2015//
/The American Conservative/ is a print magazine and daily site for 
political analysis based in Washington, DC

*2015 Walker Percy We**ekend - Facebook Page
*The Walker Percy Weekend's Facebook page based somewhere on the web but 
hopefully not lost in its vast digital cosmos*

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