[percy-l] "Breathing Again, Thanks to Walker Percy"

Steve Petrica steve.petrica at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 11:07:52 EST 2015

> Percy, a trained psychiatrist turned author, foresaw [the dis-integration
> of America's social fabric] as disastrous for both the mental and spiritual
> well being of persons, the true “catastrophe” that he writes about in *Love
> in the Ruins* (and in the sequel, *The Thanatos Syndrome*). ... So why do
> I say Percy helps you to breathe again? Because he gets us out of the
> intellectual smog that tries to deny that things are really bad in America.
> This also helps you to again see the world as it really is. Smog blinds, as
> well as stifles the breath of life. Percy helps us to see the truth, as
> does every great novelist, and he does so from a truly Catholic vision of
> reality.

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