[percy-l] The 4 p.m. Blues: Walker Percy's Remedy for Devaluation

Henry Mills wppdirector at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 08:44:16 EST 2015

Dear Percy-L:

The following link leads to a fine short essay by Edward Dupuy published 
this past week in /Commonweal/ to which I would like to call to your 


Dupuy is a scholar (and gentleman) who served as dean of St. Joseph 
Abbey and Seminary College in Covington, La., where Percy is buried, and 
also organized the previous Walker Percy Symposium along with St. 
Tammany Parish Library for many years. He is the author of 
/Autobiography in Walker Percy: Repetition, Recovery, and Redemption/ 
(LSU Press, 1996) 

Today, Dupuy serves as founding dean at the Southwest School of Art in 
San Antonio (https://www.swschool.org/).  He studied for his PhD at LSU 
under John R. May, former Walker Percy Project board member.

Dupuy is to be recognized and thanked for his many contributions to 
academic and public understanding of Percy and his works. In this case 
his short essay features a photograph of Percy formidably sitting at his 
desk in his study.

Best wishes,

Henry Mills

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