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For those interested in learning more about the Rivendell Writers' 
Colony, and both WAP's and WP's relationship to the area, you may enjoy 
the below article and excerpt from NashvilleScene.

Anyone care to comment on how Lost Cove figured as a place in both 
Second Coming and Lost in the Cosmos?  Obviously, the area made an 
impression on the young Percy.

Rivendell's website is http://rivendellwriterscolony.org/.

***Sewanee's Rivendell Writers' Colony offers writers — and readers — a 
respite from the day-to-day world *


By Susannah Felts 
and /Chapter16.org <http://chapter16.org/>/

April 09, 2015 
Arts and Culture 
» Books 

....Yet Rivendell's literary roots extend even deeper than that. 
Brinkwood, a farm adjoining the Rivendell property, was once owned by 
William Alexander Percy, cousin to novelist Walker Percy. As a young 
adult, Walker Percy spent many happy summers at Brinkwood with his 
cousin "Uncle Will," who was himself a poet and the author of a 
bestselling memoir, /Lanterns on the Levee/. William Percy adopted 
Walker and his brothers after their parents passed away. The surrounding 
landscape left a profound impact on Percy, showing up in his novels' 
characters and settings.

Today visitors to Rivendell may come upon a small stone bench beside a 
path through the woods; it was one of Percy's favorite places to rest in 
quiet contemplation. Now the bench marks a midpoint on the path between 
a two-bedroom house on the Rivendell property overlooking Lost Cove — a 
new cottage known as "Percy's Perch" — and Rivendell Manor, centerpiece 
of the colony, which is built of the same sandstone as the nearby 
university campus at Sewanee.

Both Percy's Perch and the renovated Rivendell Manor are the work of a 
Nashville philanthropist, Mary Elizabeth Nelson, who purchased the 
Rivendell and Brinkwood properties in the 1990s. At age 60, having just 
divorced her husband of many years, Nelson paid a visit to her godmother 
in Sewanee.

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