[percy-l] 2014 Jefferson Lecuture in the Humanities (Walt Isaacson)

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Very interesting.

 I rearranged my books in my house and discovered that when I led a discussion of The Moviegoer in my book group, I had lost my original copy and had to buy another to get myself prepared. I found both copies now. So I decided to look at them to compare what I highlighted from my first reading to what jumped off the page a year or two later in the other copy. I was amazed to note that most of the time I highlighted the same sentences in each book. 

Lots of what the speaker says in the beginning of his talk seems to be about Love in the Ruins and The Thanatos Syndrome.

I keep asking myself the question what would Percy make of politics today? Would the liberal Percy still consider himself in tune with the Democrat party as it is today?
I know it is not a polite question for the Percy Lists, but it is one I wish I could ask him.
Janet Cantor

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Native New Orleanian Walter Isaacson's 2014 Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities is now available online, in video and text. Isaacson was selected 25 years after Walker Percy was given the same honor in 1989. Isaacson discusses Percy in his introduction. Enjoy.


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