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Fri Jun 27 14:30:48 EDT 2014


Thank you for your leadership in proposing a plan for a "Slow Reading 
Discussion" of Love in the Ruins.  All of us can be sure to find this a 
great opportunity for spirited and respectful discussion in our 
community as you have outlined.  I, as I know all on the list do, look 
forward to learning the consensus of the group and welcoming with 
appreciation those who are willing to volunteer in initiating discussion 
of each section.

For those not familiar with LITR, the following is the book description 
found on the back of the Picador edition:

"Dr. Tom More is the creator of the Ontological Lapsometer, a kind of 
stethoscope of the human soul. With it, he embarks on an unforgettable 
odyssey to cure mankind's spiritual malaise. Ultimately, he begins to 
understand what he can never really know ---  the value of life and its 
susceptibility to chance and ruin."

Kindle, hard copy, and paperback versions are available on Amazon at:


Henry Mills
Percy-L Manager

On 6/27/14, 1:42 PM, RHONDA MCDONNELL wrote:
> My understanding of a slow read is that we (the list) divide the novel 
> up into sections (using Percy's divisions is natural).  Someone 
> volunteers to be a "discussion leader" of sorts for each section.  We 
> discuss one section a week (hence the term "slow read").  The 
> discussion leader starts each week off with an initial post reflecting 
> on that section.  As long as we remain connected to the text, I think 
> it's fair to say that anything goes--connections to contemporary 
> politics, politics in the 1970s, philosophy, science, Percy's other 
> fiction, Percy's non-fiction, etc.
> It looks like (based on my kindle edition) that the sections are as 
> follows:
> 1. July Fourth
> 2. July First
> 3. July Second
> 4. July Third
> 5. July Fourth (again)
> 6. Five Years Later
> So over a period of six weeks, we'd engage in a spirited discussion of 
> Percy's novel without straining those of us busy with other projects, 
> academic or otherwise.
> I'd happily take the first section and have an initial post up by 
> Monday, June 30.
> Then if five others would be willing to lead sections, we'd look for 
> initial section posts on Sunday/Monday of each following week: Section 
> 2 on July 6/7; Section 3 on July 13/14; Section 4 on July 20/21; 
> Section 5 on July 27/28; and Section 6 on Aug. 3/4.
> To me, it seems like a brilliant way to spend July during a time when 
> the center is not holding.
> Is anyone else game to take on a section?
> Rhonda
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