[percy-l] LITR Slow Read - Chapter 4 - "July Third"

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I checked Percy's collection at UNC-Chapel Hill, but it doesn't have the Bulkagov book in it.  On the other hand, it doesn't have The Brothers Karamozov either, and we know how central that novel was for him.  So, no illumination from this end either, Jim.

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Yes, David. That also makes sense because we know that Percy read that book and loved it.Janet

I can't answer your question, but Art also reminds me of the "devil" 
Ivan converses with in the Brothers Karamazov.

I, too, am enjoying the discussion.


Quoting Jim Forest <jhforest at gmail.com>:

> Probably many others on the WP List are following the comments on LITR as
> attentively as I am but, like me, just listening in with immense gratitude
> to those who are speaking up. What a joy it is rereading LITR in good
> company.
> One minor comment. WP?s portrait of the devil (Art Immelman) is strikingly
> similar to Mikhail Bulkagov?s portrait of the devil (Pofessor Woland) in
> The Master & Margarita. Had Percy read Bulgakov?s novel? My guess is yes.
> Jim Forest

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