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A plus all the way. You  are stealing some of my thunder for my comments on the last section. But it is good to know that I am not alone in thinking these things.

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the devil has been around in many guises... hasn't he?
his most recent visitation for this reader was in  Hitlers boy
      hood bedroom (Norman Mailer  "Castle in the Forest")
the point is he is around us still...........?? and I think that
      this is want needs to be noticed?
we all have a little Art Immelman inside of us??? He isn't
      separate from us?
Perhaps he is Tom Mores SHADOW Persona? Percy had a knack for
      knowing his own devils...........don't you think?
of course" what with the world ending" ( tom at the beginning is
      waiting for the world to end?)
the Devil is sure to rise from the ground to make more mischief it
      is his best time after all? to be there in a time of uncertainty?
he is there to stop the wayfarer's  on their journey?
Maybe its' Dr, More temptations( like  Faust's) those temptations
      fatally deceive  a self but they sure bring up the devil in
      us?????? eh?
be careful what you wish for?
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