[percy-l] LITR Slow Read - Chapter 4 - "July Third"

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Wed Jul 23 10:53:18 EDT 2014

Yes, David. That also makes sense because we know that Percy read that book and loved it.


I can't answer your question, but Art also reminds me of the "devil" 
Ivan converses with in the Brothers Karamazov.

I, too, am enjoying the discussion.


Quoting Jim Forest <jhforest at gmail.com>:

> Probably many others on the WP List are following the comments on LITR as
> attentively as I am but, like me, just listening in with immense gratitude
> to those who are speaking up. What a joy it is rereading LITR in good
> company.
> One minor comment. WP?s portrait of the devil (Art Immelman) is strikingly
> similar to Mikhail Bulkagov?s portrait of the devil (Pofessor Woland) in
> The Master & Margarita. Had Percy read Bulgakov?s novel? My guess is yes.
> Jim Forest
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