[percy-l] LITR Slow Read

Henry Mills wppdirector at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 01:27:12 EDT 2014

Ah, yes, Rhonda, to me sometimes the randomness (seeming?) of the cosmos 
will cast a message in a bottle back upon our shore.  All of us on the 
collective shore of Percy-L thank you, and Patrick forthcoming, for 
continuing to lead us into Percy's wonderful world of strange signposts 
in their insights about the enduring human search for transcendent 
meaning beyond the "vacuous self," the ghost in the machine that 
inhabits each.

For me, as another prominent role he occupies, Percy is a writer who 
"speaks" to us in a novel form about an age when we more often than not 
are told that only the empirical or the material matters as a reigning 
worldview. Of course, one need only look as far as Percy's essay, 
"Culture: The Antinomy of the Scientific Method," in Message in the 
Bottle to see him initiate semiotic trouble there, with such poignant 
Percy-esque questions as: "who is studying the scientists?".

I hope you will join me in a toast of bourbon to the good Doctor Percy 
and the enjoyable read of LiTR we continue. Despite the sometimes 
political differences that jaunt across our list, we all share in our 
community a common appreciation for Percy's work.  I say let that 
appreciation continue, even when proverbially the sand trap beckons.


On 7/21/14, 9:09 PM, RHONDA MCDONNELL wrote:
> My mistake, Folks,
> Patrick Lynch will be leading us off next week on the July 4th section.  His initial message somehow was lost in the cosmos, but he was patient enough to resend!
> Rhonda
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