[percy-l] Administrative: On quoting previous messages

Henry Mills wppdirector at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 08:59:01 EDT 2014


Yes, I think Wade is simply asking each member if they would consider 
deleting past discussion not relevant to his/her own current reply where 
that past discussion material is automatically inserted in the body of a 
reply.  Such a step, when taken, prevents the next reader from having to 
scroll through a long email.

This is obviously not a requirement to befuddle oneself over, but is 
desireable in terms of general email etiquette.  See below as a clean 

Henry Mills
Percy-L Manager

On 7/13/14, 4:47 PM, janetcantor37--- via Percy-L wrote:
> I guess the pattern is that if a comment is on the same subject or in 
> response to a particular thing, then the whole series of responses 
> come added on automatically.
>     On 7/12/14, 1:11 AM, Wade Riddick wrote:
>     Can we not quote the entirety of other comments?  It rather
>     rapidly fills
>     up our inboxes.

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