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Lauren Stacy Berdy lauren.stacy.berdy at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 12:15:40 EDT 2014

**"we don't understand what the gift is" *
I'm not sure who Slomo stands before and what his epistemology is?

however just perhaps he is in the service of his Daemon? ( the opposite 
being narcissism)

in an age which no one sacrifices to his genius
we live in a time when the adoration of the public turns men and woman 
into celebrities which cuts off all commerce with the guardian spirit.
The celebrity trades on his gift.
He doesn't sacrifice to them....... and without that sacrifice the 
returned GIFT  cannot be set free.

  Slomo needs an audience............(the gift must stay in motion).hahah

and Dr. More knows  finally that his gifts can't be withheld. What is 
his gift? it is not the lapsometer.  It is the discovery of the everyday 
magic, the delights of the ordinary things while living under the canopy 
of a the mystery which ) Percy called God and knew it was good and that 
Christianity and the Christ would teach us so.............( others might 
call it other names)

For myself, I am drawn to fact that Dr. Percy knows that we humans have 
goodness inside of us it gets demented by our thinking.its all there for 
us to partake in maybe Slomo
just isn't demented anymore? and what we are witness to is his learning 
how to crawl as an adult.....what it look like when he starts walking? I 
don't know.

but that what makes life exciting and want to stay tuned..watch the 
world the story unfolds.........

Lauren Stacy Berdy

, Wade Riddick wrote:
> "Do what you want" => fulfill your desire (the Mallification of the
> American South; the reduction of worshippers to consumers - or, perhaps,
> their transformation into worshippers of Mammon)
>> "And he came to himself". THUS: "Do what you are".
> => What you are is not what you want.  What you want distracts you from
> what you are.
> This is Kierkegaard's rotation and repetition at work.
> We are all prodigal, in this sense, because we don't know what loss is.  We
> don't even understand what the gift is.  I'm thinking here of the lessons
> of Epictetus on loss and jealousy in the Prodigal Son.  Jealousy seems a
> rather useless emotion in a world destined for nothing but loss.
> Can we not quote the entirety of other comments?  It rather rapidly fills
> up our inboxes.
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