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> To Carry the Fire 
> <https://www.nationalreview.com/nrd/articles/394971/carry-fire>
> NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE <http://www.nationalreview.com/>
> DECEMBER 17, 2014 11:00 PM
> To Carry the Fire
> By Ian Tuttle
> ....
> The End is always nigh, but it seems to be more nigh than usual of 
> late....
> “Nothing is easier,” wrote Walker Percy in his essay “Notes for a 
> Novel about the End of the World,” “than to set up as a two-bit hippie 
> Cassandra crying havoc in bad verse.....
> In the essay on apocalyptic fiction mentioned above, Walker Percy 
> (who, one might note, wrote at least one such tale, /Love in the 
> Ruins/, subtitle: “The Adventures of a Bad Catholic at a Time Near the 
> End of the World”) concludes: “Perhaps it is only through the 
> conjuring up of catastrophe, the destruction of all Exxon signs, and 
> the sprouting of vines in the church pews, that the novelist can make 
> vicarious use of catastrophe in order that he and his reader may come 
> to themselves.”....
> By way of comparison, consider not our prophets “in reverse” (as Percy 
> calls apocalyptic authors), but a prophet of the more common type...
> ..... the apocalyptic novel as envisioned by Percy, “‘religious’ in 
> its root sense as signifying a radical bond, as the writer sees it, 
> which connects man with reality — or the failure of such a bond — and 
> so confers meaning to his life — or the absence of meaning.” The 
> apocalyptic novel, in its highest form, is God-haunted.

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