[percy-l] Walker Percy Exhibit in NYC, Jan. 17-19, scheduled at Crossroads Cultural Center

Henry Mills wppdirector at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 09:58:23 EST 2013

Dear Percy-L,

Here is notice of an upcoming exhibit on Percy and  "The Irreducible 
Self" in NYC in January.  Those who are interested can consult the below 
information and links.  For any who might attend, please do consider 
sharing  a report with the rest of the Percy-L community.

Best regards,

Henry Mills
Percy-L Manager


Dear Mr. Mills:

We thought you might like to know that New York Encounter is organizing 
a public exhibit about the life and work of Walker Percy, "The 
Irreducible Self," which will be on display from Jan. 17-19, 2014, in 
New York City.

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

"... Although there are many aspects of Percy's writing that make his 
work attractive, his particular genius was that he could make you, his 
reader, feel a new fascination for the strangeness of your own being. If 
you engage Walker Percy's work seriously, you are changed. You can no 
longer take for granted that you are a clearly defined being plugged 
into a world that more or less makes sense. You are aware that your 
humanity is indeed 'the strangest object in the Cosmos' and the world 
around you is in many ways constructed to suffocate and avoid the 
questions that our being provokes. ..."

For more information:



"New York Encounter (NYE) is an annual three-day public cultural 
festival in the heart of New York City organized by members of the 
Catholic movement Communion and Liberation and by Crossroads Cultural 
Center. NYE strives to witness to the new life and knowledge generated 
by the faith, following Pope Benedict's claim that 'the intelligence of 
faith has to become the intelligence of reality.' ..."

Please feel free to pass the information on to your email contacts in 
the tri-state area who you think might be interested.

Thank you very much!

Rita A. Simmonds

Events Coordinator

Crossroads Cultural Center

rita at crossroadsculturalcenter.org

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