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I've made mention of this before, but there may be new members interested. And let me be up front that I'm hawking a book here; if that is inappropriate do please, list manager, take the post down.
In Dec. of 1989, I sent the first three chapters of a novel I had written to Walker Percy. Shortly after, I received his handwritten response on my cover letter: “Randy: It reads well — I’d be glad to look at rest, but must tell you I’ve had to give up finding agent or publisher for unpublished writers — I’d be doing nothing else. Everybody in South is writing a novel – Best, W.P.” I sent the MS to him and waited and waited and then in May the following year woke up one morning to read his obituary in the paper.
The novel is "The 41st Sermon," available in ebook and now also as a paperback. In the paperback edition I've included an image of the note. Just search Amazon. The scan of that note can be seen in the blog post below.
I thought some Percy fans would be interested in reading the novel that intrigued Percy enough to send me that note. The work has been professionally edited and a lot of bone-headed errors corrected. The corrected version is also now available as the ebook version.
Randy Attwood
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