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If Percy were asked to comment on this type of occurrence, he would
probably adduce something like this:

"What do you plan to do?"

I shrug.  There is only one thing I can do: listen to people, see how they
stick themselves into the world, hand them along a ways on their dark
journey and be handed along, and for good and selfish reasons.

On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 11:56 PM, janetcantor37 at yahoo.com <
janetcantor37 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I went on a cruise with a group and we get assigned different tables each
> night so we get to meet new people.
> One table was long and we couldn't hear what was being said at the other
> end. But somehow there must have been a few second lull because I heard the
> words, "Walker Percy" from the other end. I couldn't believe my ears. I
> asked, "Did you just say Walker Percy?" "Yes". I went over to talk to the
> couple at the other end of the table for twenty minutes and we were so full
> of enthusiasm as we shared our histories of how we became fans of Percy.
> The next day the husband asked to meet me before dinner so we could
> continue the conversation.
> After that he walked me to my table for this evening and there was only
> one couple seated there so far at a table for six. I said my goodbye to the
> husband and sat down all smiles and enthusiasm. The couple asked why I
> seemed so excited and I told them I found out yesterday that he admired an
> author I admire. "Who?" I told them. The couple fell on me. "We adore Percy
> and have read all of his books and essays." We chose our daughter's college
> because we knew she would get to read good things like Percy." Now what are
> the chances that I would have such coincidental experiences on two
> successive evenings like that? No one else arrived at our table and I was
> very glad of it because we were able to enjoy our conversation without
> interruption as we exchanged thoughts. The husband told me he is going to
> keep me informed about seminars that St. John's college conducts all over
> America.  He is the director of that study group. The seminars sounded
> intimidating to me but he assured me that he could tell from my comments
> that I would love to participate in them.
> Now how do you like that?
> Janet Cantor
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