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I went on a cruise with a group and we get assigned different tables each night so we get to meet new people.
One table was long and we couldn't hear what was being said at the other end. But somehow there must have been a few second lull because I heard the words, "Walker Percy" from the other end. I couldn't believe my ears. I asked, "Did you just say Walker Percy?" "Yes". I went over to talk to the couple at the other end of the table for twenty minutes and we were so full of enthusiasm as we shared our histories of how we became fans of Percy. The next day the husband asked to meet me before dinner so we could continue the conversation.
After that he walked me to my table for this evening and there was only one couple seated there so far at a table for six. I said my goodbye to the husband and sat down all smiles and enthusiasm. The couple asked why I seemed so excited and I told them I found out yesterday that he admired an author I admire. "Who?" I told them. The couple fell on me. "We adore Percy and have read all of his books and essays." We chose our daughter's college because we knew she would get to read good things like Percy." Now what are the chances that I would have such coincidental experiences on two successive evenings like that? No one else arrived at our table and I was very glad of it because we were able to enjoy our conversation without interruption as we exchanged thoughts. The husband told me he is going to keep me informed about seminars that St. John's college conducts all over America.  He is the director of that study group. The seminars sounded intimidating
 to me but he assured me that he could tell from my comments that I would love to participate in them. 
Now how do you like that?
Janet Cantor
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