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> Harry,
> Another way of reading Lancelot is to see Fr. John as the main
> character (my students have a hard time at first seeing this). He is
> the one who really changes. He moves from a crisis in faith (not
> wearing his "priest clothes" at the beginning and refusing to pray for
> the the dead, etc.) to redemption (wearing his priest clothes, turning
> from the window and looking at Lance eye-to-eye (intersubjectivity) and
> taking a parish in Alabama).
> Frankly, I don't see that much change in Lance. And, what change I do
> see, isn't good.
> As for someone's comment about LIR being too preachy: I'd like to hear
> in what way. I just re-read it over the summer for the
> I-don't-know-how-many-times and have never seen it (or any of his
> novels) as "preachy." If fact, most my students "miss" the Christianity
> part (I've only taught The Moviegoer, Love in the Ruins, and Lancelot
> (the latter goes over the best)).
> Good to see some discussion again!
> -David
> Quoting Harry Whelchel <hhw3h at virginia.edu>:
>> My name is Harry Whelchel and I am a 4th year at the University of
>> Virginia majoring in Religious Studies and Economics. I am currently
>> taking a class in our Religious Studies department taught by Prof.
>> Bill Wilson and Prof. Vigen Guroian on the subject of Walker Percy
>> and Flannery O'Connor. So far we have read The Loss of the Creature,
>> Metaphor as Mistake, The Message in the Bottle, and Lancelot by
>> Percy. We have read essays from O'Connor's Mystery and Manners as
>> well as her first novel Wise Blood.
>> I am interested in Percy to learn more about his works of fiction,
>> philosophy, and the conversation surrounding him. Recently I wrote a
>> paper on Lancelot detailing how the process itself of sharing his
>> story with Percival allows Lancelot to apprehend narrative's power to
>> convey sovereign experience. I then argued this apprehension changes
>> the world view Lancelot had developed and leads Lancelot to be open
>> to the possibility of God's existence (yet Percy leaves the reader
>> uncertain as to whether Lancelot will accept or reject God's
>> existence).
>> The exercise of writing on Lancelot, a difficult work that I am sure
>> I still do not fully grasp, led me to search for more academic
>> resources on Percy. So I decided to join this listserv.
>> Best,
>> Harry Whelchel
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