[percy-l] Scientism, Symbolic Thought, and Percy

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I have read Lost in the Cosmos, Message in a Bottle, and Signposts. Loved all three of them and I agree that Percy's insights speak pointedly to the wasteland that Post-structuralism has created and definitely speaks to the matter of science's inability to speak to genuine human experience. The fact that the masses engage in this "scientism" is disheartening; the fact that biology, semiotics, anthropology, and the rest continue to be disingenuous all the while duping multitudes of intellectuals is worse.

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Nice to see some action on the Percy list. I'd just add that the essays 
are not highly technical and many speak directly to the issues of "the 
culture wars" today. I read Message in the Bottle first, but more from 
Signposts struck a chord for me, maybe because I was already a convert 
in regard to symbolic thought. Fateful Rift: San Andreas Fault in the 
Modern Mind in Signposts couldn't be more germane to today's debates 
centered around "scientism."

Ken A

On 6/18/2012 1:45 AM, janet cantor wrote:
> Oops, I'm so self absorbed I didn't realize I just repeated a lot from 
> my earlier post. Sorry about that.
> And thanks John E. Riley for your response.
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