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September 15, 2011 / The Book Bench

*The Writer’s Voice*

Posted by Mark O'Connell

A few months ago, I went through a major Flannery O’Connor phase. I read her
novels for the first time, and re-read the short stories, none of which I
had looked at in years. In the middle of this surge of renewed enthusiasm
for her work, I stumbled across this fantastic 1959 recording of O’Connor
reading “A Good Man is Hard to Find” at Vanderbilt University.


The most striking thing about it is the way in which O’Connor’s bone-dry
Georgia drawl seems not merely to suit her writing perfectly, but also
somehow to embody it. There’s a kind of bleak drollery inbuilt in her speech
that seems to me to be the very voice of her fiction. The most remarkable
thing about listening to this recording, though, was not getting to hear
O’Connor herself talk, but rather the fact that when I when I went back to
read her work, I would hear this voice echoing along in my head as I read
the printed words. It brought a phantasmal new dimension to my experience of
her writing.

It could simply be that I’m losing my mind (always a possibility), but I
suspect that this might not be an uncommon phenomenon....

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