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"You ask what Walker Percy is suggesting in this editorial. He is suggesting, as 

an observer of humanity, that when someone cavalierly destroys a fetus because a 

baby is an inconvenience, instead of thinking beforehand and behaving more 
responsibly, that he destroys his humanity and perhaps our society." (Janet 

I appreciated the comments by both Wade Riddick and Janet Cantor, though I would 
suggest that Riddick's scientific Summa Biologica essentially points back to 
Percy's essential dilemma with science in the first place: what does science say 
to the matter of actually living as a human being? Or, in this case, what does 
it ultimately say about the ethical dilemma of abortion or the philosophical 
aspects related to the origins of life.

At the end of the day, surely a healthy respect for science, alongside the muse 
of the novelist/poet, and the logical arguments of the philosopher can at once 
be informative to our culture - a culture (as Percy would surely agree) is 
increasingly soul-less.

Jay Thompson
jay_thompson at rocketmail.com

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