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Could this be the passage you had in mind:

Lost in the Cosmos, p. 146-7 (From "The Orbiting Self" section): "Only one
example comes to mind of a writer who, though performing at a very high
level of twentieth-century art, nevertheless manages to live on one of the
few remaining islands of a more or less intact culture, in the very house
where she was born, to enter into an intercourse with the society around her
as naturally as the Chartres sculptor, to appear as herself, her self, the
same self, both to fellow writer and fellow townsman: Eudora Welty.  Perhaps
also William Carlos Williams.  If you do not think this remarkable, imagine
that you have lived your entire life in the house where you were born.  For
an American, an uncanny, even an unsettling fantasy."

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Jonathan Potter
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On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 5:21 AM, Eckert, Robert G SPC RES <
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> Dear List,
> I seem to recall Percy saying something about missing living in the house
> you grew up in. The house I grew up in is on the market and has me racking
> my brains trying to remember/find that quote.
> Or, I could have the author wrong...
> Robert Eckert
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