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Thanks, Rhonda. Yeah, I told him (my student) there is a Hamlet theme 
("old mole") in one of his books, either LG or SC. The Hamlet motif is 
interesting, in the father/son thing. Obviously, Hamlet's father didn't 
commit suicide, but Percy's did. That "old mole" reference is 
interesting on several levels.


Quoting RHONDA MCDONNELL <rhonda_mcdonnell at msn.com>:

> Like Jim, I don't know the answer, but the question has me thinking.
> If no one has done a Percy/Shakespeare study, it could be worth
> someone's time (assuming they have more time than me).  There's the
> Hamlet motif in The Second Coming, and if we thought about it
> collectively there might be other cases of intertextuality or
> allusion in the other novels. Hmmmm . . . anyone?
> --Rhonda
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>> Hello,
>> I'm teaching Lancelot right now, and one of my students rightly noted
>> some allusions to Henry IV. Does anyone know if anything has been
>> written on this topic? (Besides some references to names, I'm not that
>> up on Henry IV and haven't read it since grad school.)
>> Thanks.
>> -David
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