[percy-l] Moviegoer screenplay.

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I always thought Harrison Ford and Drew Barrymore were good fits for the
roles in Second Coming but that was a while ago.


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I seem to recall having read in Patrick Samway's biography of Dr. Percy
that there had been several aborted attempts at filming The Moviegoer,
though I don't remember Mallick having been mentioned. At some point in
the late 60s or early 70s a production might have actually commenced,
with Sam Waterston (apparently a Percy fan) in the role of Binx, but
this project was also shelved.

The most recent news I read regarding the filming of a Percy novel was
three or four years ago. Donal Logue (best known as a comic actor, I
think) was signed-on to direct a film adaptation of The Second Coming,
with Bill Paxton playing Will Barrett. I'm unsure as to what became of

- enos  

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Does anyone have any information for Ms. Mullen or other thoughts on the
subject of MG as film?

Henry Mills

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> Hello Henry,
> I'm a film producer based in New England, and this afternoon I was
> Walker Percy's "The Moviegoer" with some colleagues when the subject
> Terrence Mallick's adaptation came up.? We'd all heard back in 1997
that he'd
> written a screenplay based on the book, and we're wondering whether
> has happened with the project since...?
> Can you tell me whether you've heard any updates, and whether Mr.
> currently owns the book option?? If not, do you know who does?
> Kind regards,
> Shannon A. Mullen
> e: shannonamullen at gmail.com

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