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I seem to remember Bertram Wyatt-Brown having some information on it. My vague memory has him linked with Mallick in some sort of family way--by marriage or something. Back when he was participating in this discussion group the topic came up. It may be back in the archives somewhere.  

Sorry, I doubt this is much help. I feel a bit like someone's old aunt telling a story about the brother of a friend of her sister-in-law's second cousin, but perhaps it will give Ms. Mullen a lead.


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Subject: [percy-l] FW: Moviegoer Screenplay?

FW: Moviegoer Screenplay?

Does anyone have any information for Ms. Mullen or other thoughts on the subject of MG as film?


Henry Mills

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Subject: Moviegoer Screenplay?

Hello Henry,

I'm a film producer based in New England, and this afternoon I was discussing Walker Percy's "The Moviegoer" with some colleagues when the subject of Terrence Mallick's adaptation came up.  We'd all heard back in 1997 that he'd written a screenplay based on the book, and we're wondering whether anything has happened with the project since...  

Can you tell me whether you've heard any updates, and whether Mr. Mallick currently owns the book option?  If not, do you know who does?

Kind regards,

Shannon A. Mullen

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