[percy-l] Percy materials #1

marcus at loyno.edu marcus at loyno.edu
Thu Jul 16 20:38:31 EDT 2009

I retired this spring and, in the summer doldrums in New
Orleans and scanning the horizon for storms, I am starting
to work through papers and files.  Some of these concern WP
and may be of interest to someone on this list or to others.
As I work through my files, I will post items and those
interested can get in touch with me.

I have some programs and abstracts of conferences WP
attended in 1980.

1.  May 6-7 1980. Conference on the Clever Hans Phenomenon: 
Communication with Horses, Whales, Apes and People.NY
Academy of Sciences.  My wife and I attended this conference
and WP was present throughout.  I recall this as a sort of
challenge by Sebeok and Terrace of some of the major claims
(and claimants) about non-human language capability.  I have
the conference program and also a small brochure with
several abstracts.  Happy to pass these on.

2.  June 2-27, 1980.  Program for the Internationan Summer
Institute for Semiotic and Structural Studies at the
University of Toronto.  WP and Bunt attended.  We did not
because we "house sat" at the Percy's home in Covington. 
This program is 24pp and contains short outlines of courses
by Sebeok, Umberto Eco, Bouissac, Riffaterre and others. 

If anyone wants these materials, please get in touch.

Marcus Smith 


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