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Welcome to the list. I have been a "contributor' for several years and
enjoy the posts by scholars who are far more knowledgeable about Percy
and related subjects. I had the great fortune to stumble on to Percy
while on vacation in New Orleans in 1988 and was looking for something
interesting to read by the pool. I picked up "Lost in the Ruins" and was
totally enthralled by it (and by Tom Moore!) and then proceeded to read
all of his novels and his essays. I particularly enjoyed "Lost in the
Cosmos" as I am in the mental health field. It was by turns, very
insightful and very funny. In my humble opinion, Percy, sadly, seems to
be falling out of favor to some extent, although with the current state
of the economy and the massive uncertainty in the world, "Lost in the
Ruins" seems more pertinent and "relevant" than ever.
Steven L. Dye, MA
Bluegrass MH-MR Board, Inc.
1500 Leestown Road, Suite 338
Lexington, KY 40511
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I was introduced to Percy in college, late 70s (back when I also had
time to read Dostoyevsky).  I do not count myself by any stretch as a
scholar on Percy -- just a fan, really -- but I've read everything by or
about him that I can get my hands on.  His ideas are thought-provoking,
and his writing style really grabs and fascinates me.  
I admire Richard Ford also, who I discovered later, almost by accident.
In an airport, needing a book for the flight, I grabbed a paperback
"Independence Day" (I think I was attracted to the lady golfer's legs on
the cover).  I've since read all three of the Bascombe novels.
I'd be interested to hear from those more knowledgeable than me
concerning their thoughts on Ford, WP's influence on Ford, and
comparisons of WP and Ford.

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Good evening, all.

My name is Enos, and I've just signed up here at Percy-L. I've visited
here several times over the past few years, and while the discussion
here seems rather sporadic, it's still (in so far as I can tell) the
only Percy-centric message board going. So, here I am.

I'm 34, male, and I live and work (nominally given the current economic
climate) in North Alabama.  With regards to those topics most often
discussed on this board, I am largely self-educated. 

I believe I came to Dr. Percy via Richard Ford, whose work (especially
the Bascombe novels) I very much admire. I recall having heard or read
somewhere Ford having remarked on Percy's influence, and I suppose I
went from there. 

The degree to which Dr. Percy's writings have influenced my thinking
(or, perhaps better said, clarified already-brewing thought processes)
over the past several years is difficult to understate. And just as Ford
gifted me with Percy, Percy has gifted me with Dostoyevsky and
Kierkegaard. Suffice it to say, it's been quite a literary pilgrimage. 

Anyway, I look forward to reading and participating here.  Y'all take


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