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It may be time to repost this link to the Richard Ford radio interview in
which he nominates *The Moviegoer* as "the book that changed my life."  I
think it has been posted to the list once or twice before.

I am strictly a Percy amateur, both literally and metaphorically, a
semi-literate salesman, but maybe after the February revenue goals are met
(ha!), I'll send a few thoughts on some of the Percy-Ford co-happenstances
that I have thought about.

Chuck Lowry

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 10:49 AM, Karl M. Terrell
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>  Enos,
> I was introduced to Percy in college, late 70s (back when I also had time
> to read Dostoyevsky).  I do not count myself by any stretch as a scholar on
> Percy -- just a fan, really -- but I've read everything by or about him that
> I can get my hands on.  His ideas are thought-provoking, and his writing
> style really grabs and fascinates me.
> I admire Richard Ford also, who I discovered later, almost by accident.  In
> an airport, needing a book for the flight, I grabbed a paperback
> "Independence Day" (I think I was attracted to the lady golfer's legs on the
> cover).  I've since read all three of the Bascombe novels.
> I'd be interested to hear from those more knowledgeable than me concerning
> their thoughts on Ford, WP's influence on Ford, and comparisons of WP and
> Ford.
> Karl
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>   Good evening, all.
> My name is Enos, and I've just signed up here at Percy-L. I've visited here
> several times over the past few years, and while the discussion here seems
> rather sporadic, it's still (in so far as I can tell) the only Percy-centric
> message board going. So, here I am.
> I'm 34, male, and I live and work (nominally given the current economic
> climate) in North Alabama.  With regards to those topics most often
> discussed on this board, I am largely self-educated.
> I believe I came to Dr. Percy via Richard Ford, whose work (especially the
> Bascombe novels) I very much admire. I recall having heard or read somewhere
> Ford having remarked on Percy's influence, and I suppose I went from there.
> The degree to which Dr. Percy's writings have influenced my thinking (or,
> perhaps better said, clarified already-brewing thought processes) over the
> past several years is difficult to understate. And just as Ford gifted me
> with Percy, Percy has gifted me with Dostoyevsky and Kierkegaard. Suffice it
> to say, it's been quite a literary pilgrimage.
> Anyway, I look forward to reading and participating here.  Y'all take care.
> e.
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