[percy-l] Tom Moore as a thief

Ken Armstrong kennenathens at verizon.net
Wed Aug 5 12:05:14 EDT 2009

Wade Riddick wrote:
>  It's been about twenty years since I've read _The Thanatos Syndrome_, 
      Yes, me too, and it was the last Percy novel I read and by far (I 
thought at the time) the best.

  Can't agree with you about medical marijuana and would only add that 
the distinction is unnecessary, because as Marshall McLuhan rightly 
pointed out, the difference between the potheads and the drinkers is a 
cultural, not moral, orientation, understanding that culture rests in 
great part on the senses. That one or the other sense/culture is 
rational and the other not is totally a prejudice of the hyper-literate. 
I say this as a happy and quite moderate beer drinker addicted latterly 
to non-fiction & who could not attain to bourbon or pot.....my 
incapacity for the finger-measured drink probably cause for suspicion...

Ken Armstrong

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