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"You do not seem to have much use for your fellow Christians, to say nothing
of Ku Kluxers, ACLUers, Northerners, Southerners, fem-libbers,
anti-fem-libbers, homosexuals, anti-homosexuals, Republicans, Democrats,
hippies, anti-hippies, senior citizens." 

That's true-though, taken as individuals, they turn out to be more or less
like oneself, i.e., sinners, and we get along fine.

Even Ku Kluxers?



Questions They Never Asked Me

Signposts In A Strange Land 

Page 418





Sounds to me like Mr. Riddick has a bit of ideological rigidity himself when
he writes:


3.  Bush has an ideological rigidity/born-again certainty/willful

ignorance/autistic negligence that leads him to stumble through life like

Don Quixote on meth.



The same could equally apply to Pelosi, Obama, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy,
Common Cause, etc.  as well as Bush, Cheney, et al. 

But then again much of that statement could apply to everyone as we stumble
along our journey. I have never met an individual in my life that did not
reflect to one degree or another those "qualities".




Tommy Armstrong 

BrickEngraver LLC




Jack Aubrey:

"Oh dear oh dear, I seem fated to move from one blunder to another today. I
shall hold my tongue or what remains of it."

Stephen Maturin:

"Where would conversation be if we were not allowed to exchange our views
freely and abuse our neighbors now and again." 


Patrick O'Brian Forturne of War--Patrick O'Brian





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