[percy-l] Can the sane be bad?

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Then there's Percy's kindred spirit in artful Catholic orthodoxy, Flannery
O'Connor, who favorably reviewed several of Teilhard's books and derived her
title, "Everything That Rises Must Converge," from Teilhard.  In an article
in *American Scholar* in 1961, O'Connor included *The Phenomenon of Man* in
a list of outstanding books of the previous three decades, saying, it was "a
scientific expression of what the poet attempts to do: penetrate matter
until spirit is revealed in it."

Just a small tidbit for the discussion -- and to say I'm enjoying the give
and take here.  Wouldn't it be nice to be having this discussion over a
Dixie beer and some crawfish.

Rufus McCain
Spokane, WA

On 2/28/08, Ken Armstrong <armstron at ohiou.edu> wrote:
> At 01:32 AM 2/28/2008, Nikkibar at aol.com wrote:
> >Mr. Larson is right about Walker's nervousness over Tielhard du Chardin.
> I
> >tried to get him to read the later works on a number of occasions and he
> >seemed uninterested although I secretly suspected that he might have
> >dipped into the earlier works but didn't want to waste talking time on
> the
> >matter. I never discussed Monad with him as that was one I missed myself.
>   I read Teilhard 30 years ago whilst riding buses to & from work in San
> Francisco. Had never heard of him prior, but found his books in those
> wonderful Bay Area book stores. McLuhan, apparently like Percy, was also
> seriously skeptical of Teilhard de Chardin. For myself, his understanding
> of evolution only made sense. Ever since I've not understood the need to
> draw an opposition between science and religion based on evolution, or I
> should say I don't accept it. It seems a naivete on both sides.
> Nice to see Percy-L percolating again.
> Ken A
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