[percy-l] Lit Crit on Percy - Where to Start?

Doug mitchdl at email.unc.edu
Sun Feb 17 00:27:26 EST 2008

Ah, springtime!  All the slumbering Percians emerging from their long dyadic 
dreams and reemerging into the bright triadic world, blinking 
bemusedly...Well timed, Jeff.

Karey's list is a great help (thanks for sending that around, Karey).  If 
you're wondering where to start, I would say Jay Tolson's biography (a 
well-written intellectual bio) and two relatively recent books:  John 
Desmond's Walker Percy's Search for Community (great readings of all the 
novels and a sound intro to Percy's semiotics) and Farrell O'Gorman's 
Peculiar Crossroads (for Percy and O'Connor in relation to mid-century 
Catholic thought and southern letters generally).


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> Hi All - New to this list but a long-time fan of Percy. While I have read 
> his novels and essays, I haven't really read any literary criticism on his 
> work.  Which books (or articles/essays even) should I start with?  Many 
> thanks....
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