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For those on this list who don't yet have a copy of "Walker Percy
Remembered," let me add one more recommendation to any others that have
previously been posted. As you may recall, the book contains a series of
interviews made by David Horace Harwell and published by the University of
North Carolina Press at Chapel Hill. I got a copy last week thanks to Nikki
Barringer mentioning it a while back. Nikki is one of those interviewed, as
were Shelby Foote, WP's two brothers, and a dozen other people close to
Percy and his family. David Harwell must be a very peasant person to meet
with. None of the voices we hear in these pages seem to be glancing at their
watches while wondering when this guy will turn off the recorder and leave.
If I wasn't hard-pressed for time -- I leave for Germany in a little while
to give a talk about Dorothy Day -- I'd be tempted to include a quotation or
two from the book, but then maybe that would take away some of the fun of
reading the book yourself.

Jim Forest

PS Does anyone on the list have an e-mail note for David Horace Harwell? I'd
like to send him a note of apprecaition.

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