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I figured that simply related to those perhaps early times on the list when
you seemed to Barr (insert Southern drawl) a lot of Anger (or at least mild
scorn) during Katrina hurricane days there in N.O. and likely rightly so. I,
of course, only mean to extrapolate here in parallel to Will Barrett, as in
³He Will Barrett² (No Southern drawl). No umbrage intended. Just a bit of
semiotic playfulness perhaps akin even to ³A Thief of Peirce,² which are
Percy¹s own words himself if I am correct (Peirce¹s name accurately
pronounced not as pointedly as MASH¹s Cpt. Pierce, but rather as in a purse
handbag). I wonder, are there any other Percy fictional or non-fictional
names that come to mind to anyone with similar literal overtones? Something
from ³Metaphor as Mistake,² perhaps? Nikki, just couldn¹t pass up the
opportunity here, and as for me I think you deserve more than one complete
day, if¹n you ask me.


PS-could be the ³Early Times² in me that sneaks in above that precipitates
my naming thievery and perhaps misguided semiosis at this time, but Nikki
many thanks for mentioning the Percy Project in your interview. We hope soon
to reinvigorate some of the content and confirm all BarRanger spellings...

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I'm glad everyone enjoyed the book. No if the University of North Carolina
Press would only learn how to spell BarrAnger, my day would be complete

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