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Dear Percy-L members:

The discussion of Lost in the Cosmos continues over at the

Here's the latest entry:

How Queer Man Is Micheal Mikolajczak
the three main sections of
*Lost in the Cosmos* correspond to the three parts of the subtitle of *The
Message in the Bottle: How Queer Man Is, How Queer Language Is, and What One
Has to Do With the Other*. Perhaps that can serve as a starting point for a
discussion of the the first 12 multiple-choice questions.

Does this first section of *Lost in the Cosmos* succeed in outlining how
queer man is (or, to avoid any giggling over the terms: how freakin' odd
people are)? Do the mid-20th Century pop-culture references date the book?
Have circumstances improved or worsened or changed since Percy wrote the
book? How has the rise of the Internet impacted the predicament outlined by
Percy in the first part of the book?

In the preliminary quiz, Percy compiles a list of possible selves, or ways
in which we try to fit ourselves into the world. He exempts all but the
"lost" self from continuing with the book. Which of the selves in Percy's
list are most popular these days? Which ones do you identify with? Have new
varieties of self-concept arisen since Percy wrote? Are folks more or less
likely to see themselves as lost nowadays?

If any of you are reading along please drop in and leave some comments.  Or
pick up the discussion here on the list.

Best regards,

Rufus McCain
Spokane WA
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