[percy-l] Forwarded for Karey Perkins: SAMLA Percy session

Karey karey at kareyperkins.com
Thu May 3 12:33:02 EDT 2007

Yes, it was my e-mail that didn't go through (think I was using the wrong
e-mail addresss) so Henry Mills submitted it for me.  

And, I was wrong - at the bottom of the e-mail, I said I realized it was
really Rich Gray who compared Lancelot to a jihadist, but Nikki had
responded in agreement, I think, which was why I thought it was Nikki who
said it until I checked further.  I agree as well!

By the way, anyone interested in submitting a paper for the SAMLA
session??!?   : )  

Topic is "Walker Percy Today" and one page abstracts due to me (Karey
Perkins) at karey1 at charter.net by May 30...  


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At 10:36 AM 5/3/2007, Nikkibar at aol.com wrote:
>Dear Friends of the Percy list,
>For once Henry Mills has it wrong.

  Henry was just forwarding Karey Perkins' post (check the subject line). 
And the comparison was not to Walker Percy, but to Lancelot. So, as someone 
said, it goes. But it's nice to see a bit of life on the Percy list.

Ken Armstrong
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